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*New Products Available*

New updates  to AlienBrowser & HTML Editor. Including Cheat Sheets.

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AlienBrowser v6.0.zip AlienBrowser v6.0.zip
Size : 4524.882 Kb
Type : zip
AlienTimer v2.0.zip AlienTimer v2.0.zip
Size : 1871.069 Kb
Type : zip
HTML Editor v1.0.0.1.zip HTML Editor v1.0.0.1.zip
Size : 2138.111 Kb
Type : zip

New update to AlienBrowser!

I have created a new product called HTML Editor. I helps you create Web pages, but unlike Notepad, it lets you view your changes on the same window. (Also included in AlienBrowser v6.0)

I spent most of the summer creating these products.
I took the Thanksgiving Break to create HTML Editor Enjoy!

Some images used in these products are ©Alienware Corporation.

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